Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge week 3: Make your Masterpiece


After a year of teaching a new grade I realized there was a serious lack of resources out there for Transitional Kindergarten! So I started my mission of high lighting the key standards I was expected to cover through out the year and create a simple, easy, print and go packet of morning work...this turned into a HUGE bundle of common core morning work! 

Unfortunately, this HUGE bundle got shaved down a bit (more like broken down into 4 pieces) so that I could get this project tackled (otherwise I would never have even started!) What I have to present for (the beginning) of my masterpiece is:

There are 150 pages of ELA morning work! Each page has letter practice, name practice, days of the week writing practice, beginning sounds, colors, rhyming, sight words, and sentence corrections. Students get a week's practice of writing upper and lower case letters as well as identifying beginning sounds, a weekly sight word, a weekly color and name writing practice. 

 I even added the digraphs "th" "sh" "ch" "wh" because at the end of the year I cover these blends as well. They follow the same format as the alphabet pages with sentence corrections, sight words, and rhyming!

Did I mention it's all common core aligned? Yeah it is!! Each page has the target standards labeled at the top so that there is clear identification of the concepts being taught, and assessed. These can also be used as great assessments for report cards!

Coming soon (once I recoup from the craziness of putting together this monster bundle!) there will be a math version as well as some challenge bundles that are targeted more for kindergarten to first grade standards!

I'm so excited to be able to share this with everyone! Please stop by my store to take a look at it {here}!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
And always remember, every moment can be a learning moment!


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