Monday, August 17, 2015

Help with Holding a Pencil!


So I have officially started school, and boy, this years class has some new challenges that I wasn't faced with last year! I am excited to tackle each one head on. First, I have a good portion of my class that have never held a pencil before, at least not "correctly." So that is what this post will be about!

I have many methods that I use to work with my kiddos on correct pencil grip. The first one is a fuzzy ball! I give the kids a pom-pom of their favorite color and I tell them to hold the ball with their "bottom" three fingers. This method was really successful last year, but unfortunately was not so successful this year. And, as an added kiddos this year termed the pom-pom hand method as "making a gun." Big no I had to find something quick to help my kiddos that didn't look like I was teaching them to play guns with their writing hands!

In came the rubber bands! Now, you may  be saying, " do rubber bands help a kid hold a pencil?!" Well, I'm here to show you! First I wrapped the rubber band around the pencil so that it was so...
Like this...except around a pencil
 Then I had the kiddos slip the big loop around their wrist, with the pencil resting on their arm and VIOLA!! It worked! I had two wonderful models show me exactly how it had helped them in holding their pencils!

I still have a few that need some other method (this and the ball method did not work) so I'm still on the hunt for new ways to work on pencil grip! If you have any suggestions, let me know! I'm always willing to give things a try!

I hope this helped anyone who might be struggling with pencil grip!

Always remember: every moment can be a learning moment!!

Sincerely from TK,
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