Thursday, March 12, 2015

Arctic Animals

Phew! I cannot believe it has been over a month since I've posted anything on this blog!! Well, I'm here to fix that with not one, not TWO but THREE blog posts today so stay tuned for the next two installments. This first post is all about our arctic animal unit I did through out January. 

The kids had so much fun learning about penguins and polar bears. I got to introduce some science readers and some informational texts to the kids so we really got to explore new forms of writing! The kids LOVED it!

We did our traditional guided art lesson that the kids really, REALLY enjoyed! I wanted to introduce expository writing (writing about facts) so we spent over a week practicing our 'can, have, are' charts and finally I taught them how to transfer the facts from their chart to our writing paper. The kiddos were so proud of their writing they couldn't wait to show their parents.

I had them hung up above their desks so that parents could look at their student's work when they brought them in for the beginning of the day. I was surprised at how many of the parents were surprised and moved at seeing their student's work. I guess, being in the classroom with them every day, I forget that this is all new for the parents to see. These are their babies and they're growing up and doing things they've never done before. It was exciting to see the kids and their parents so proud of everything they've been doing. 

It makes my job so enjoyable.

Well I'm off to prepare for tomorrow! I hope you enjoyed!

Always remember: Every moment can be a learning moment!

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