Monday, September 15, 2014

Fun Number Posters

So I have officially started curriculum in my classroom! Unfortunately, a lot of my students don't recognize ANY of their numbers at all. I wasn't really expecting anyone to come in knowing their numbers at all, if I'm being honest, but it made jumping into our math curriculum REALLY difficult. And when I say REALLY difficult, I mean...I had to completely scrap the original lesson 10 minutes in and start over with basic number recognition. 

We've only covered 0 and 1 but I plan to focus on a number a week, and have the kids get used to writing the number in multiple ways. I want them writing the actual number, the number word, tallies, ten frames, and I want them to be able to explain what number is one MORE and one LESS than the number we are working on. (I have a "Magic Number" poster that kind of covers all of this during our calendar and tactile learning wall time.)

To help with number formation I taught them some cute little number poems I found on the internet. I created some posters that can be printed out, mounted on a piece of construction paper and laminated. They are super fun and I know my kids LOVED learning the little poems that go along with each number (at least for 0 and 1 so far.)

I hope these help some of  you, like they've helped me.

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